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The photo gallery on the Web site shows the design well. In the US, Larry Black of Mount Airy Bicycles in Maryland sometimes has one in stock.You can contact the manufacturer for other dealers.They also have a 4 wheel courier and load carrying model.Both models have electrical assistance as well as pedal power.Eric has a four wheeled kiddie bike called the QQ-Bike that uses a rowing action to move forward and is steered by the feet. Feetz of the Netherlands has a four wheeled cargo and child carrier bike. It has a box for the kids in the front and another box for cargo in the rear.Colorful, with red, yellow and green plastic wheels perhaps 10" in diameter. They also have tadpole trikes with the front box only.There is a flatbed, a cargo box and a child carrier model.They also have a "One Less Car" tricycle pedicab and other tricycle models.

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They also do some custom work for special needs riders.Contes Engineering has developed and will bring to market in 2012 an impressive four wheel machine that is intended for off-road riding and the kind of hard jumping that BMX riders do.It has long-travel four wheel suspension, a rear differential with two driven wheels and an upright rider position that is secure on jumps and permits using the legs to muscle the bike.Caribbean Riders is a Florida-based designer, wholesaler and marketer of a line of surrey-style four wheelers.They have one model with a single bench seat and another with two seats. The Web site mentions drum brakes but does not mention gears.

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