Dating recovering alcoholic man

Sure, drinking may be a part of your social life, but are you sure that it’s worth giving up the chance of a trusted relationship because you can’t share a pitcher of margaritas together?

Ultimately, these are decisions that you have to make for yourself. The best thing you can do when you meet someone sober is to talk about the possible issues with your new date; run the issue by a few friends and family members; and listen to your instincts which will tell you whether someone is worth the sacrifice.

If you date someone who is sober, you need to clearly ask the following question: “Are you comfortable if I drink in front of you?

” Sober individuals know themselves well enough that they will tell you the truth.

Punch line: They move in together before it's over.

“But if the sober couple uses the tools of the 12 steps and applies them to their relationship, they can find themselves in a better partnership than most.

What it would be like for your partner: Some sober men and women don’t want to be around someone who is drinking because it reminds them of what they can’t have, or it could trigger alcohol cravings.

Other sober individuals don’t have a problem being around others who are drinking.

What it would be like for you, the social drinker: Picture yourself having a drink or two, and sitting across from your sober boyfriend or girlfriend who’s drinking, say, an iced tea or soda. Would you not enjoy drinking as much if your partner isn’t joining you?

Some social drinkers who date sober individuals choose to drink when they’re out with others but not in the company of their sober partner.

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