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Trans women have relinquished masculinity, showing that it can be, and that is, very threatening to a man who wants to see his power as an intrinsic feature of who he is.” of “embracing this new push to make gay men and lesbians straight by leading them to endure painful physical body manipulation and dangerous hormonal injections to take on the topography of the conventional definition of what is male and what is female.”Similarly, during the debate on whether to include gender identity in the language of the Federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) in 2007, bill sponsor and gay Democratic Representative Barney Frank was asked about whether he would support inclusion., many of whom initially identified as lesbians, are often still accepted (or revered) in queer women’s spaces.One queer woman recently described the spectacle of a trans man holding court to an adoring crowd at a lesbian bar.This is particularly bad in the pickup artist (PUA) scene.People who are nice are often piled into the "Beta" category by dating advisors, while overly aggressive, pushy, and angry people tend to end up calling themselves "Alpha" - when in reality, they're anything but desirable due to their bad attitudes.She believes the stress of 'masculine' work goals activates the sympathetic nervous system - which is responsible for the body's 'fight or flight' response.Experts agree that stress affects fertility, possibly by reducing blood flow in the Fallopian tubes.Transgender women are frequently accused of caricaturizing women if they present as too femme, but have their identities questioned if they present in a less femme way, with considerable overlap between the two.Femmephobia represents a rejection of the notion that anything about being feminine is beautiful, valuable, or strong.

“I can’t tell you the number of parents I’ve seen who think they’ve somehow failed at feminism because their daughters like lace and Barbie dolls; it’s much rarer to see the parent of a boy upset because his love of Batman and Star Wars doesn’t sufficiently challenge gender roles.”Femmephobia seems like something that would be much more endemic to straight, cisgender, heteronormative culture.

While working on transgender military issues, I cannot tell you the number of time that I’ve heard some lesbian and (mostly) gay people who suffered under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” turn right around and oppose open transgender service.

This does not only affect transgender women negatively; it can be seen across LGBTQIA communities, and all of them are harmed by this expression of misogyny.

Mrs Kacz-Boulton said: 'She was the one that had the steady income and she was the one actually wearing the pants in their relationship - and that affects female fertility.'It is because you are acting masculine and expecting your body to perform in a feminine way.'A fertility conference heard last year that female bankers are 60 per cent less likely to become pregnant through fertility treatment than those of a similar education and income, with women software engineers also struggling.

Stress and a lack of time for fertility appointments were said to play a part.

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