Hwanhee hwayobi dating

Eso llevó a Hwa Yo Bi a convertirse en una cantante profesional.Incluso antes de que ella lanzara su álbum debut, Hwa Yo Bi ya estaba en el punto de mira de los medios de comunicación.However many times, his vocal cords become disconnected below A2, causing his tone to become airy, such as the G2’s in “갈대의순정“.This also happens because due to the lack of development in his lower range, at times in order to project below A2, Hwanhee strains his voice by forcing his larynx down creating a tone even darker than his natural timbre.The mixed voice is by far the most explored, developed and used part of Hwanhee’s voice.

Although being able to sing through his first and second passaggi without a problem, the overly added pressure of caring so much chest voice up in range can be highly damaging to Hwanhee’s voice, considering how much compression exists in his mixed voice to allow him to stay in such a heavy-chest dominant mix around the highest parts of a baritone range and beyond.Mostly taking influence from R&B in his singing, runs are not something that Hwanhee under explores in his vocal performances, on the contrary he takes as much advantage of the fact that he can sing runs to an extent as possible.With that said, technically speaking Hwanhee’s runs can be quite well separated in pitch, controlled and often accurate when done with simplicity and a clear mindset on the musical idea he’s going for, such as in “Tomorrow“.La canción del título del álbum "Lie" fue un gran éxito.Después de que ella entró en el Departamento de Música Popular en la Universidad de Mujeres Dongdeok, Hwa Yo Bi lanzó su segundo álbum, que también fue un éxito.

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