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As cyber-security expert Matt "Pwn All The Things" Tait put it: Starting with: if this is true, some "current and former US officials" just leaked and blew a highly classified Israeli counter-intelligence op. — Pwn ██ ██ ███ (b)(5) (@pwnallthethings) October 10, 2017 As we noted last week, antivirus packages can pose a huge risk to organizations, not least the NSA, because if a scan of someone's computer yields something that looks like a threat, such as a freshly developed exploit or piece of spyware, it's uploaded to the AV vendor's cloud for analysis.If an attacker were able to infiltrate those backend systems, with or without cooperation, they would be able to rifle through collected sensitive documents and snatch copies of any samples.Back then, Kaspersky was infected by the Duqu 2.0 spyware, which was related to the American-Israeli-developed Stuxnet malware that got into the Iranian government's nuclear weapons labs in 2010 and knackered its uranium centrifuges.

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Essentially, it is now claimed Israeli spies hacked into Kaspersky's backend systems only to find Russian snoops secretly and silently using the software as a global search engine.

Report author Zvi Yehezkeli said ISIS was 'now knocking on Jordan's door, has marked "Palestine" as the next target on its list,' while ISIS told the Palestinian people in a statement in July that it was 'only a matter of time' before they enter Palestine to fight against 'barbaric Jews'.

The rebels' push into the Golan comes just two weeks after Israel ended a 50-day war against Hamas on its southern border with the Gaza Strip, giving the conflict-weary nation another cause for concern.

“In honor of Family Day, we have chosen to carry out a project presenting all of the kinds of families that serve in the air force, including also same-sex families.

From our standpoint, they are all equal and all of us are one big family.

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