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Henry is upset over how magic has destroyed his family and sees it as bad, so he comes up with a solution by creating a plan called “Operation Mixtape.” Utilizing his role as the Author, Henry uses the quill to writes himself as the possessor of the crystal, and suddenly, it appears in his hand. When Gold tells the others that Henry has taken the crystal, he tells them that Henry could destroy all magic and with it, Storybrooke.

Emma notes she placed a GPS app on Henry’s phone to find him, but Henry had the phone left behind on the bus on purpose.

They also discover that magic can work outside of Storybrooke, as Henry has taken the crystal and the magic.

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Moments later, Regina and Emma shows up to the place, and Regina encounters an old letter from Robin addressed to her, reminding her that she will always be the brave heroine with whom he fell in love.

Regina admits that she will never be at peace with herself as she wondered should she become the Evil Queen again because she feels cursed and will never find redemption, realizing that the more good that she does, the more people she loses.

And before Emma can convince her, darkness has started to consume Regina again.

Regina uses a needle on Henry's finger to find out whether Gold is still in New York.

They blood from Henry's bloody finger on the map, but the magic isn't working, because Gold is at the Hotel, and he stripped them of their magic, via the crystal.

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